Mosquito Control

Fight the Bite!

Mosquitoes can be very relentless and annoying! They love to invade your outdoor activities, making spending time outside a hassle during warm months. Mosquitos can also create health risks for your family by carrying diseases such as the Zika virus. Get ahead of the game by signing up for a mosquito control program today!

Our Program

At Hoffman Turf, we understand that controlling mosquitos is a very important task. To best service our customers, we use the best products and application methods on the market. While 100% mosquito abatement is not always possible, we guarantee control and mosquito population reduction down to a tolerable level for up to 50 days after each application! With five applications during the warm season, we offer protection from Spring to Fall.

Program Outline

Our program consists of 5 mosquito control treatments. We will target mosquito resting sites by treating all vegetation on your property up to 10 feet high and targeting other common mosquito resting areas. Our technicians will also identify mosquito breeding sites to help slow down reproduction. Treatments will be scheduled every 45 – 50 days.

How can you help reduce mosquitos on your property?

  • Eliminate standing water wherever possible.
  • Throw away items that accumulate standing water, store them upside down or empty and replace with fresh water once a week.
  • Wear clothing that covers your skid and wear mosquito repellent to deter mosquitos during peak mosquito activity.
  • Maintain all the vegetation on your property. Long grass and overgrown bushes/trees give mosquitos more places to hide!
  • Treat standing water with a mosquito larvicide and stock ponds with mosquito-eating fish.

Our Guarantee

Here at Hoffman Turf, we understand that your lawn is your investment and we strive to give you the most value for your hard earned money. We believe in offering fast, friendly and reliable service. When you choose to work with us, our team will work hard to enhance your property. If you are ever not satisfied with the results, we will come back and fix the issue free of charge! If you are still not satisfied, you will get your money back!